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Tech Consulting

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we’re able to create cutting-edge custom technology infrastructure for the modern marketers. Some of these vital technology pieces where Auctech Digital has its expertise include responsive websites, user interface design for the greater user experience, branded mobile apps, e-commerce websites and content management systems. To summarize, we can work with you and your technology team to design an optimal infrastructure required to ensure that your digital initiatives are smooth, efficient and effective.


As you might know, a responsive website is the one that can change in accordance with fit and look of every single receptive gadget. It isn't important to have a few websites, one for desktop computers and another for mobile devices. It is troublesome overseeing them independently. What’s more? It requires a great deal of money and time. Along these lines, it is critical to switch to responsive web design. As a marketer, your true objective should be to offer a delightful customer experience. A responsive website helps you do precisely the same. Browsing a responsive website gives a superior user experience than the website optimized primarily for desktop computers. What’s more? This is an unquestionable requirement from the SEO point of view too.

Google recommends responsive design. Not just do the responsive websites ensure a superior customer experience, they enhance your search rankings as well. Most websites today are getting 70%+ traffic from mobile users. Thus, your development approach ought to be 'Mobile First'. Are you prepared to cater to this vast traffic coming to your website from mobile devices? On the off chance that you have a relatively older website and it's not responsive, do act now. Auctech has optimized numerous websites for mobile devices. Furthermore, it has created hundreds of new websites with 'mobile first' approach in the last four years.



Both User Experience Design (UX design) and User Interface Design (UI Design) are crucial to a product and work closely together. A great product experience starts with UX followed by UI. Both are essential for the product’s success. A good User experience design (UXD or UED) helps enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure in the interaction between the customer and the product (such as your web or mobile app; or your website).

An optimal UXD is achieved through a strategic approach throughout the product development. Auctech helps achieve the optimal UXD through customer analysis, competitor strategy, content de ve l opment , w i r e f r aming, pro to t yping, testing/iteration and development planning. Whereas a good User Interface Design helps enhance or optimize the look and feel, the presentation and interactivity of a product.

Auctech contributes to the look and feel through customer analysis, design research, branding & graphic development and user guides/storyline. And Interactivity is enhanced through UI prototyping, interactivity & animation and responsiveness. An optimal UI and UX has shown direct correlation with higher engagement and hence conversion - a fact that cannot be compromised by marketers. Additionally, these two components need mar-tech inputs at relatively strategic levels. Auctech has helped several companies optimize user experience and user interface. If you have questions regarding UI and UX about your digital products such as your websites or apps, do let us know. We would be happy to help!


By now, you realize that a effective mobile strategy includes something other than a mobile-friendly website. One of the greatest advantages of having a mobile app is that all the information you'd like to offer to your customers– including special deals and promotions – is at their fingertips. Through pop-up messages or push notifications, you're getting to do direct interactions with your customers, and can easily remind them about your products and services whenever it makes sense. A mobile app for your business can extraordinarily add to your brand awareness.

Do you have an application for your business? An application that has features your customers love, while at the same time is well branded and beautifully designed? The more regularly you can get customers involved with your application, the sooner they will be inclined to purchase your products and/or services. In the event that you don't know which organization to search for to get a mobile app developed, call us or send us an email. We have created apps for several brands that have resulted into increased greater brand loyalty, increased engagement and sales.



An increasing number of consumers prefer making most of their purchases online and in such a scenario, having an e-commerce website for your business is important. Although your own e-commerce website would certainly not be a replacement for your product's listing on large online marketplaces such as amazon or ebay, having your own e-commerce website has several advantages. Although amazon or ebay can give you access to an unprecedented level of traffic, the fact remains that you fight with several brands on these platforms. Businesses understand the need to have their own branded website but they are scared off by the prospect of having to generate their own traffic.

The truth is that getting your e-commerce website up to the speed is a longer-term project than selling on Amazon but the rewards of owning your own platforms cannot be underestimated. In the long run, you need to think about building up your brand and creating an e-commerce business that is built to last.

If you have decided to own your own e-commerce website, Auctech can help. We have helped several brands build their independent branded e-commerce website on top of leading e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, Zen Cart, Kentico, etc. Additionally, we help you choose a payment service provider (PSP), meet the appropriate level of PCI SSC compliance and ongoing digital marketing to promote your platform.